believe-in-anything-always asked:
I love this blog... The perfect material to take care of myself to

I’m happy I could help doll. I’ll update tonight, sorry for the delay.

- xo A

Help Wanted

This blog needs some litterotica. I want to read every sexual detail you dirty little creatures experience. I’m going to be posting the most delicious stories. Indulge me.

- xo A

Anonymous asked:
I just started a bdsm online relationship. My master asked me to think of ways to please him but I cant think of anything with the distance thing. Do u have any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Some suggestions:
- naughty pictures
- web cam with him , and obey orders
- depending on limits - he could buy you a collar.
If you stay in constant communication, make sure you’re being a good sub and taking orders even if he’s not here, it’s the age of technology, snap chat, pictures and video. I hope one day your tech master becomes a reality, can you imagine the built up tension? Makes me wet thinking of it.

- xo A

Anonymous asked:
What i would do for a girl that enjoys to ride a guys face like you do.

We’re rare but I highly doubt any girl would ever say no, to riding a face. I know I could never say no.

- xo A

Light it up.

But first, let me take a selfie.

Girls just want to have fun

My favorite.